General Disclaimer of Liability

CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland has taken every care in the preparation of information which is made available for perusal on this Website. Whilst CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland has attempted to ensure the accuracy and reliability of that information, errors can occur and at times those errors can be contributed to, or caused by others.

Accordingly, CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland cannot and does not warrant the accuracy or reliability of any information stored on this site and will not be held responsible for any damage or loss (including consequential loss) which any person may suffer because they have directly or indirectly used or relied upon any such information. CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland specifically excludes all liability to any person arising from the negligence of CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland or any of its servants or agents.

CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland reserves the right to alter any of the information stored on this site, including prices and the availability of products and services, at any time and without notice.

Disclaimer for Breeder's Directory

details listed in the Breeders Directory are authorised for publication by the members concerned. CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland offers no warranty of any kind in relation to the standard of any dog offered for sale by a Breeder or as to the reputation or skill of any Breeder.

A Certificate of Registration is an extract of the details shown in the Registers of CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland - it is not a guarantee as to the quality of the dog named thereon.

Advertising Disclaimer

The publication of information regarding the goods or services of any entity other than CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland should not be taken as an endorsement of those goods or services, or any association between that entity and CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland.

Disclaimer for Linked Sites

CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland provides links to other websites as a service to its members and the public. Because it has no control over information stored on other sites, CCC (Q) trading as Dogs Queensland does not endorse the content of any such information and will not be responsible for any person's use or reliance on that information. Users of such information do so at their own risk.


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