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5 March 2012

Recently, correspondence was prepared by our President, Ulla Greenwood regarding the proposed Queensland Government Puppy Farm strategy. The Government is considering 4 options and these options have been circulated for public consultation and feedback.

Dogs Queensland supports Option 2 - this is the only option which will provide the majority of our members an opportunity to continue their breeding programmes without further scrutiny. Options 3 and 4 have been suggested by the Welfare Agencies - these options would represent significant restrictions for our members if adopted.

Whilst we will all have to wait until after the results of the upcoming State Government election, it is very likely that there will be a change of Government. If we are faced with a new LNP State Government, we will have to start again by building good relationships with the incoming Minister. One of the first tasks he/she will need to deal with will be to review and assess the results of the Puppy Farm Public Consultation.

If (after the closing date of 5th March 2012) our preferred Option 2 has received little or no support, the new Minister will have no alternative. The Minister will quite rightly assume that the Welfare Groups and their Options 3 and 4 are the ones to adopt.

To ensure the best interests of our members are protected, I need to be given an opportunity to negotiate with the new Minister from a position of strength.

That is why your support of Option 2 is so critically important.

This will be your last opportunity to send a very clear message to the Government in respect of the proposed Puppy Farm Strategy. To do this, Biosecurity Queensland have established on their website facilities to receive feedback during the period of public consultation.

This public consultation period closes on Monday 5th March 2012 at 5.00pm.

Rest assured that the Welfare Groups will be rallying significant numbers of supporters asking them to indicate their preference for Options 3 or 4. It is not unreasonable to expect that the RSPCA could muster thousands of supporters and direct them to respond using the online survey link. Dogs Queensland cannot afford to be "outgunned" on this issue and this is your opportunity to directly influence Government policy.

There are three ways to indicate your feelings to Biosecurity Queensland, the department conducting the public consultation - Dogs Queensland recommends that you use the online version.

Feedback - All feedback must be submitted to Biosecurity Queensland by post or email by 5:00 pm, Monday 5th March 2012.

Mail - Regulation of Dog Breeders - Draft Regulatory Assessment Statement Biosecurity Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
GPO Box 46, Brisbane  QLD  4001

Email -

Online - Provide your feedback by completing our online response form - CLICK HERE.

This online version is the one which Dogs Queensland recommends you use - in fact you could do it right NOW and it will be complete within a few minutes!!! Responding online using the link above is the easiest way to send your message to the Government. It is anonymous so you can complete the short survey as many times as you wish - family members, clients, even neighbours can all respond using this direct link.

The online survey is easy to submit and we have provided a few ideas which you may wish to consider using when you completing the online survey. Of course, you are free to addanything at all that you feel strongly about regarding this issue of Puppy Farming in Queensland.

• scroll down the page to find "Answer an online survey";

• click on the link "Shaping dog breeder standards in Queensland";

• 4 survey questions will appear requiring a short response;

• Question 1: "Which option do you believe should be adopted in Queensland?"

Dogs Queensland recommends that you click on Option 2

• Question 2: "Will any changes to the legislation have an impact on your business?"

Dogs Queensland suggests that you include something like:

"I am a Dogs Queensland member and the proposed fee to participate in the breeder ID scheme will represent yet another cost. Having said that, I do recognise that the scheme will assist members of the public to easily differentiate between responsible breeders and unscrupulous puppy farmers".

• Question 3: "Are there any suggestions you would make to improve the proposed changes to the legislation?"

Dogs Queensland recommends that you include the following recommendation:

"Remove the fee to join the scheme for registered Dogs Queensland member breeders".

• Question 4: "Other comments"

Dogs Queensland suggests you consider including:

"I am concerned that insufficient resources will be allocated to monitor the scheme. That may result in only responsible breeders participating in the scheme and dishonest Puppy Farmers may once again avoid detection".

When you have completed the survey, click SAVE - this will automatically send your survey to Biosecrity Queensland.

I am very appreciative of your support for this strategy - your feedback to the Government will assist us to reinforce our position as the Canine Experts in Queensland.

We simply cannot risk having the Welfare groups win the day with their preferred options - we need to remain in control of our own dog world destiny.

Mark Sheppard
Government & Agency Liaison Officer
Dogs Queensland


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